Murder He Wrote: Diary of a Villain

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Togolese Ewe twin girls wearing traditional Kente dress with a body painting! In many Voodoo communities, people consider twins to be sacred. According to the tradition, twins have two halves of the same soul. If one twin dies, the other will often carry a twin doll, believed to carry the deceased sibling’s spirit. In Haitian Voodoo, twins have special powers that can be dangerous, and a ceremony to the loa Dossou prevents them from doing harm. In Benin, twins also symbolize fertility.

All I know is they are over it. Done. They are not here for whatever is happening. 

This lil bitch keep muggin, Candy. I’m about to show her ass some shit.
filthyrichtaj: 💸

He’s So Sexy and Awesomely Handsome! So Damn Beautiful! That dick print though! ;-)